Power BI Webinar

Knowledge Sharing Q3 2022 (Dutch and English)

This Power BI webinar was recorded during the VisionBI Power BI knowledge-sharing session Q3 2022. Topics covered where:

  • The Power BI feature to use conditional formatting for data labels. 
  • The DAX function to calculate Networkdays. 
  • Some Tips and tricks, like information buttons instead of tooltips
  • Zooming in PowerBI
  • Interactive filtering in Power BI by using visualizations
  • Integrate/Use Power BI in PowerPoint


English version:

Dutch version:


Interested in why these Q3 features add so much value? 

  • Conditional formatting for data labels
    • Using conditional formatting for data labels enables you to design a report/dashboard targeting your audience. Not everyone needs to see the same (standard) information. By asking the right questions and knowing your audience, you can understand what the user s looking for. Then you can use conditional formatting to design the visuals in a way that speaks to them. Want to learn more about getting to know your audience: Designing for different audiences?
  • The DAX function to calculate Networkdays
    • Before the Power BI update, you also were able to calculate working days, but this update makes it so much more straightforward. You can even tell in the formula which days should be counted as weekend days. Want to learn more and see some examples? Networkdays PowerBI DAX
  • Integration and usage of Power BI in PowerPoint
    •  The possibility of integrating Power BI into PowerPoint is excellent. You can even filter in PowerPoint, and the interactivity is not lost. This is a great opportunity when you want to show up-to-date information in PowerPoint instead of a screenshot.
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