VisionBI Customer Event - Dashboard Design Session

putting the icing on the cake (10/2022)

Thursday, 29th of October 2022, VisionBI organized their customer event. I’ve got the opportunity to present a short version of my session: “Dashboard Design – Putting the icing on the cake”.

The short version of this session gives a broad overview of dashboard design basics for everyone designing or analyzing dashboards/reports. During the session, several steps are described (using the analogy of baking a cake), explaining some easy steps to make a dashboard more visually appealing and easy to read.

Great to see and meet so many new and inspiring people. The feedback provided was really great!

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Description of the session - Dashboard Design: Putting the icing on the cake

During the session, I am guiding you through 5 steps to put the icing on the dashboard (cake).

Who is this session for? 
This session is designed for beginning and intermediate dashboard designers, showing some easy steps to make a dashboard visually appealing and easy to read.

What can I expect from the session (45 – 60min)?
The session’s story compares building and designing a dashboard with baking a cake at a baking competition. Everyone has the same ingredients (data) and the same recipe (business question), but in the end, the cakes (dashboards) look different. Depending on the audience, the session also focuses on the recipe (business question).

By following the steps explained during this session, the audience should be able to improve their dashboards.

What is the goal of the session?
The session aims to inspire and guide dashboard builders and give them confidence in presenting their dashboard to the “jury” (the business) after building it. Also, by using a story to explain the topic, I try to present the information in a way even less experienced audience members understand the story.

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