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About me

Valerie Junk

Hi there, I am Valerie Junk. Creating insights from data and designing dashboards using Power BI is my passion. I help companies achieve their goals by creating a data strategy, data analytics, and data visualization (Power BI).

With my background in cognitive psychology, I bring a unique perspective to the table by balancing my technical and visualization expertise with a keen focus on the human aspect of data.

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Sharing Knowledge

Next to offering consultancy services I enjoy sharing my knowledge in tutorials, articles, knowledge sessions, and presentations. 

Sessions I provide


Microsoft certification

Everyone using Microsoft products knows there is continuous change and innovation. I think it is essential to keep my knowledge up to date.

Valerie Junk Microsoft Certificate


Power Platform Solution Architect

Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Valerie Junk


Azure Enterprise Data Analyst

Azure Data Engineer Microsoft Certificate


Azure Data Engineer

Valerie Junk Microsoft Certificate


Power BI Data Analyst

Azure Administrator Valerie Junk


Azure Administrator Associate

Valerie Junk Microsoft Certificate


Power Platform Functional Consultant