Speaking @ Data Bash (online)

Data Bash Power BI & Storytelling Valerie Junk

November 2023 I presented my session “Storytelling & Power BI – Creating Power BI reports that connect with different audiences at Data Bash.

Speaking @ Budapest BI Forum

Budapest BI Forum PoruBI Valerie Junk

In November 2023, I presented my session “Paint it black: Rocking Dark Mode Dashboards” at the Budapest BI Forum.

The Budapest BI Forum is a vendor-independent business intelligence and analytics conference in Hungary.

Power BI Makeover – A three step process

Power BI Makeover Business Update Sales

By creating a Power BI dashboard that is free of clutter, audience comprehension is greatly improved. Providing more relevant information can significantly enhance the understanding of visual data.

Speaking @ Data Moshpit Berlin

Data Moshpit 2023 Berlin Valerie Junk Dark Mode Dashboard Design

I presented my session on designing Dark Mode dashboards in Power BI at the Data Moshpit conference in Berlin in September 2023.

Storytelling and Power BI – 3 steps to take

Storytelling and Power BI

Prevent Dashboard Delivery Disappointment – Storytelling in Power BI can help you to create engaging and easy-to-understand reports that enable users to take the next step with data.

Speaking @ Data Saturday Stockholm

Data Saturday Valerie Junk Stockholm

On the 13th of May 2023, I was given the opportunity to present my session “Dashboard Design – The Icing on the Cake” at Data Saturday Stockholm.

This one-day conference brought together over 30 expert speakers who shared their knowledge on data-related topics such as Azure, Power BI, Design, and SQL Server.

Designing for different audiences Power BI

Designing for different audiences, Power BI

Designing a Power BI dashboard for different target audiences can be tricky. I show you, with my own Power BI Scuba Diving dashboard and infographic, how you can show the same data in different ways for different audiences.

Power BI Dashboard: from Vision to Design

Power BI Dashboard Design - From Vision to Design

Power BI KPI Dashboard Design – Sharing some steps you can take to design a dashboard that is visually appealing and is useful for the audience.
Creating a dashboard seems easy, especially because most BI tools promise an easy drag-and-drop experience. Unfortunately, this can lead to a disappointing experience when seeing the result. Just putting numbers and graphs on a canvas seems not to be good enough to use the results to create insights and take action.

Power BI Sales Dashboard

Power BI Sales Dashboard Peak Sales Hours

I created a one-page dashboard (hence no filters) to give a quick overview of the year results of Platos (a fictive pizza restaurant that provided a year of transactional data).