Speaking @ Data Bash (online)

Data Bash Power BI & Storytelling Valerie Junk

November 2023 I presented my session “Storytelling & Power BI – Creating Power BI reports that connect with different audiences at Data Bash.

Speaking @ Budapest BI Forum

Budapest BI Forum PoruBI Valerie Junk

In November 2023, I presented my session “Paint it black: Rocking Dark Mode Dashboards” at the Budapest BI Forum.

The Budapest BI Forum is a vendor-independent business intelligence and analytics conference in Hungary.

Speaking @ DataMinds Connect

DataMinds Connect Valerie Junk Visualizing Data for Non Data Experts

I presented my session “Visualizing Data for Non-data Experts – making reports accessible to all” at DataMinds Connect in Mechelen, Belgium.

Power BI Makeover – A three step process

Power BI Makeover Business Update Sales

By creating a Power BI dashboard that is free of clutter, audience comprehension is greatly improved. Providing more relevant information can significantly enhance the understanding of visual data.

Speaking @ Data Moshpit Berlin

Data Moshpit 2023 Berlin Valerie Junk Dark Mode Dashboard Design

I presented my session on designing Dark Mode dashboards in Power BI at the Data Moshpit conference in Berlin in September 2023.

Speaking @ SQL Konferenz Hanau

SQL Konferenz 2023 Storytelling in Power BI

I spoke at the SQL Konferenz in Hanau in september. My session Storytelling & Power BI will cover different examples, techniques, and best practices on how to design dashboards for different audiences.

Storytelling and Power BI – 3 steps to take

Storytelling and Power BI

Prevent Dashboard Delivery Disappointment – Storytelling in Power BI can help you to create engaging and easy-to-understand reports that enable users to take the next step with data.

Power BI Dashboards Dark Mode Design

Power BI Dashboards Dark Mode Design

Designing Power BI reports can be challenging, especially if you want to break away from the traditional white background and standard color scheme. A guide to creating Power BI dashboards in dark mode, choosing the right colors and visualizations, and testing your design with the target audience.

Google Analytics Dashboard in Power BI

Google Analytics Data in Power BI - Analyze your websites data

All your data in one place! Use Power BI to analyze your Google Analytics data and have it available next to the rest of your data in a Power BI dashboard!