Speaking @ DataMinds Connect

DataMinds Connect Valerie Junk Visualizing Data for Non Data Experts

I presented my session “Visualizing Data for Non-data Experts – making reports accessible to all” at DataMinds Connect in Mechelen, Belgium.

Speaking @ SQL Konferenz Hanau

SQL Konferenz 2023 Storytelling in Power BI

I spoke at the SQL Konferenz in Hanau in september. My session Storytelling & Power BI will cover different examples, techniques, and best practices on how to design dashboards for different audiences.

Designing for different audiences Power BI

Designing for different audiences, Power BI

Designing a Power BI dashboard for different target audiences can be tricky. I show you, with my own Power BI Scuba Diving dashboard and infographic, how you can show the same data in different ways for different audiences.