Speaking @ SQLBits 2023

What a Great Adventure

I had the opportunity to attend SQLBits 2023. SQLBITS is the largest Data Platform conference in Europe. SQLBits is not only about learning new skills and technologies related to SQL Server, Azure, Big Data, Power BI, Machine Learning, and more. It is also about meeting great people, some of whom I have only met online until now.

It was a fantastic experience. I’ve met so many new people and people I only met online until now.

Grateful that I could present a session. I want to thank everyone who attended my session and gave me feedback! (Curious about my speaker profile? Valerie Junk’s Speaker Profile @ Sessionize

My highlights at SQLBITS - Power BI & Business

Power BI & Business related

  • I learned something new related to Power BI from Marc Lelijveld and Odeta Jankaitienė about collaborating with externals and from Marc and Jeroen (Jay) ter Heerdt about data modeling (I admit, it was a tough session on the last day of the event, but you both did great!).
  • Reid Havens’s session about Power BI tooltips was great, as always. I got some new ideas. Your energy is incredible!
  • Alexander Arvidsson & Linda Torrång presented a session about asking better questions to solve the right problem. Great to see more and more sessions addressing getting to know the audience!

My highlights at SQLBITS - Personal Growth

Personal growth & development

  • Steve Jones’s presentation about “branding yourself for a dream job” at a different event last year made me start blogging and creating a website. Awesome to follow his session “Blogging for the tech professional” this time.
  • Mara Pereira’s session about her journey as a data viz freelancer was inspirational (If you don’t know her yet, look up Data Pears)!
  • Nikola Ilic & Pragati Jain presented a session about breaking invisible walls and how helping others can help your personal growth. Truly inspirational what they and their team created!

My highlights at SQLBITS - Menal Health

Mental health

Because SQLBits is not only about the tech but also the people making the tech possible, there were some excellent mental health-related sessions.

  • Thank you, Cathrine Wilhelmsen, for talking about turning discomfort into personal growth and for the session about warning signs for stress, depression, and burnout. It is so important that these things are addressed.
  • Kurt Buhler’s session, “You can do it, dammit,” was great. I definitely will try some of the things mentioned!

Thanks to all the people who organize SQLBits, and of course, thanks to all the volunteers.
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