Presenting @ Data Saturday Stockholm

Session: Data Literacy

On May 25, I presented a session about Data Literacy together with Reitse Eskens at Data Saturday Stockholm.

Session: Data Literacy: Are you ground Crew or Air Crew

Where and When: Saturday, May 25, Stockholm

It was a fantastic event that offered valuable insights and inspiration, as well as an excellent opportunity to network and meet new people. I really enjoyed meeting so many people in person and having the chance to talk with them!

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The Session: Data Literacy: Are you Ground Crew or Air Crew

Level: Beginning & Intermediate

A data-driven way of working, almost every organization is doing it or thinking about it. But what does it all mean?
And how do you get started???
One thing is clear: just using the ground crew technology isn’t enough to embrace a data-driven way of working.

The aircrew needs more.

What if a manager needs a report, and you have to tell the manager that the report is being sent to their mailbox monthly?
What if a C-level executive urges you to deliver a report with a short deadline, only to briefly review it and then move on?

In our vision, humans are a central part of digital transformation and a data-driven way of working.

This session will thrive on interaction. Expect Menti meter but also Q&A. Together, we can achieve more!
Are you in our target audience? YES!

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