Power BI Sales Dashboard


This Power BI Sales Dashboard was created as part of a  data challenge. The challenge asks to create insights into “Plato’s” restaurant sales. They wanted to find out which pizzas are most and least popular and which hours/days/months are most popular for visitors.

To create insights into the data, I created a one-page dashboard (hence no filters) to give a quick overview of the year results of Plato’s.

The visual at the top right is a stacked bar chart with 2 DAX measures. One until the target is hit and one above the target. That way, you can even use dynamic targets and visualize whether a target is hit.

The visual in the middle right is a matrix visual where I’ve used conditional formatting to get insights into the restaurant’s busiest and least busy timeslots. This can be handy when a schedule with available employees needs to be created.

Because of the design, you can quickly spot the most popular and least popular timeslots.

Power BI Sales Dashboard
Power BI dashboard - Restaurant sales insights

I also used a ribbon chart (middle, left) to show the difference in popular days by quarter. This way, it is easy to see that, for example, Q3 Thursday is the most popular day, while in the other quarters, it is Friday. Also, Tuesday is quite a popular day in quarter one but not in the others. Again, this can be handy when planning employee shifts.

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