Power BI Resume Design Tutorial​


When applying for a job, submitting a resume most of the time is part of the application process. In the past, I’ve created my resume in PowerPoint, saved it as a PDF, and then sent it to possible employers or uploaded it to the application tool.

Recently, I tried to design my resume in Power BI, where you can also add visualizations. Additionally, you can showcase your Power BI skills to potential employers by creating a Power BI resume design.

To do so, I saved my PowerPoint design (the background) as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and imported it as background in Power BI. Then I added the text and visualizations in Power BI (you could also import the text via the SVG if you want to and use Power BI only for the visualization).

Visualizations I've used in my Power BI resume

– Bar chart for the language proficiency

– Matrix with conditional formatting to show past experience in a timeline
– Radar Chart for the primary responsibilities in my current position (the radar chart is not a standard visual; I’ve used the one from ClearPeaks).

I recommend having an up-to-date resume.
It can be a great way to showcase your skills and track your growth. Also, for people with little work experience, it can help you to showcase something you’ve created.

Feel free to use my Power BI Resume Design and adjust it to your needs!

Power BI Resume Design - Dashboard Download (for free)​

I have created 3 examples (yellow, green, and gray Power BI resumes) that you can download for free. Feel free to download the files and alter them as needed. I hope this gives you some inspiration!

What you need:
1)  The PowerPoint file (you need to change some information added as text. Do this first, then save it as SVG.
2) After you save it as SVG you can open the pbix file (Power BI file). Go to the Format Pane, click on canvas background, and load the SVG file as an image)

Download the Power BI Resume Design HERE (zip file) (this includes the PowerPoint, 3 SVGs (as an example to test step 2), and the Power BI Resume file.

You can download the file here: Power BI download pbix.

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