Power BI Information Button


When creating a dashboard, you may want to provide extra information for visualizations (for example, when the definition of measurements is specific for a department, but the dashboard is shown to a bigger audience).
Instead of putting additional text on your dashboard, you can also use an information button, image, or shape. The explanation can be shown as text when the user hovers over it. This way, you can provide further information without too many extra steps.

Try it yourself1

Select “Insert” in the top navigation bar. Here you can choose a button, shape, or image. Power BI also provides an information button shape you can customize (line color, size, and weight).

After you select the icon, shape, or picture you want to use, you can open the “Format Pane” (click on the chosen icon, and the formatting pane will become visible).

Put the “Action” slider to On.
Set the type to “Page Navigation” and the Destination to “None” (this way, nothing will happen when someone clicks on the icon, but the information will still be visible when hovering over it).
Slide the “Tooltip” slicer to On
Put your information text in the text field.

The information button in Power BI

The textbox will be visible every time a user hovers over the icon/shape/image. It will not be visible when the user is not hovering over it.

This is a great way to provide additional information without cluttering your dashboard.

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