Data Labels in Map Visualization (Power BI)​


Map visualizations in a (Power BI) report or dashboard are a great way to provide deeper insights into data containing geo information. Power BI offers standard several map visualization, which means you do not need to use a visualization from the App Store!

However, one of the things I am missing in these standard visualizations is the possibility of showing related value information (like an amount or a percentage in the data label).

You can add additional information in the tooltip, but you still need to hover over the visualization to see the data labels. However, I would like to see that the data label provides the additional information by default.

Good news! With the help of DAX, there is an easy way to make this information visible.

Map Visualization Power BI
Basic Data Labels in Map Visualization

Using DAX to create data labels with more information​

In this example, I have the information about the Country (name, latitude, and longitude) and the number of stores.
To create the custom data label, I write this DAX (custom column):

					Informative Map data label = 
'Dataset'[Country] & "-" & CALCULATE(count('Dataset'[Shop-ID]), ALLEXCEPT('Dataset', 'Dataset'[Country]))

You will now see the Country and the number of stores in the calculated column. The last line of the code is important; it excludes all filters except the one for country. This way, you can ensure that the counting of stores is correct and not influenced by other filters.

Map Visualization Power BI
Data label also showing number of shops
Map Visualization Power BI
Data label also showing %

Where do I put the information for the Power BI map visualization? ​

Use the new custom column in your map visual as “Location.” This way as well the country as the value is visible in your map visual.

It is important to also add the longitude and latitude to the visual. Otherwise, the information shown can be wrong (because the location name also offers additional information now, it can be tricky to find the correct location).

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