Dashboard Portfolio Power BI

I create Power BI dashboards for demo purposes on a regular basis. These are some examples of dashboards I have created in the past. Click on the links below the pictures to get more information.

GA4 in Power BI

Google Analytics - Dark Mode

A Google Analytics Power BI dashboard in dark mode. 

Befire & After Dashboard Design Power BI - Makeover dashboard

Dashboard Design Process

This concept Power BI dashboard design was created as part of a KPI dashboard design process.

Power BI Scuba Diving Dashboard Infographic Designing for different audiences

Power BI Infographic - Diving

Using an infographic helps users to focus on key information and not get lost in details.

Power BI Resume Dashboard Valerie Junk

Power BI Resume

Combining Power BI and PowerPoint to create a resume. Download link provided.

Power BI Shopping Trend Analysis Valerie Junk PorcuBI

Power BI Sales Infographic

Power BI Shopping Analysis.
This analysis provides insights into different shopping behaviors and helps to determine which stores are performing well and which ones need improvement.  

Power BI Sales Dashboard

Power BI Retail Dashboard

This dashboard has been built to provide insights into restaurant sales. I display the visitors over time with the aim of identifying possible opportunities and bottlenecks.

Burndown Chart in Power BI Comparison normal table

Burndown Chart vs table

Very minimalistic project dashboard using a burndown chart to give insights into hours spent and planned.

Power BI Book Analysis

Power BI Book Analysis

This dashboard was built to create insights into the number of books, authors, and publishers on a website. The visuals chosen create in-depth insights.

Power BI Dashboard Portfolio Valerie Junk

Power BI Churn Analysis

This dashboard identifies churn risks and high-value customers for a communications company.

Management Sales Dashboard

Power BI Sales Infographic

A Power BI Sales Infographic with the most important KPIs.

Advice on Dashboard Design?

Do you want me to build a dashboard for you or advise you on dashboard design? Get into contact!