Creating data-driven insights with Power BI

Data-Driven Insights with Power BI - Take action with Powe BI

While Power BI reports can offer a wealth of information, users often struggle to navigate through complex visuals and filters to find the answers they need. Discover how understanding your audience, their needs, and their decision-making processes can transform your BI reports into actionable insights. Learn the crucial steps of research, design, and evaluation to ensure your Power BI reports are not just visually appealing but also serve as powerful tools for effective decision-making. Don’t let Power BI become a treasure hunt – empower your users with targeted insights that drive real change.

Storytelling and Power BI – 3 steps to take

Storytelling and Power BI

Prevent Dashboard Delivery Disappointment – Storytelling in Power BI can help you to create engaging and easy-to-understand reports that enable users to take the next step with data.

Hitting the bullseye: Target visualization Strategy in Power BI

Hitting The Bullseye Target Visualization Strategies In Power BI

Setting targets helps us measure progress and stay motivated towards a goal, whether it’s personal or business-related. Positive results motivate us while falling behind highlights areas for improvement. Figuring out the best way to visualize a target, for example, in Power BI, can be challenging, as it heavily depends on which actions the audience you are designing for wants to take with the results.

Designing for different audiences Power BI

Designing for different audiences, Power BI

Designing a Power BI dashboard for different target audiences can be tricky. I show you, with my own Power BI Scuba Diving dashboard and infographic, how you can show the same data in different ways for different audiences.

Power BI Dashboard: from Vision to Design

Power BI Dashboard Design - From Vision to Design

Power BI KPI Dashboard Design – Sharing some steps you can take to design a dashboard that is visually appealing and is useful for the audience.
Creating a dashboard seems easy, especially because most BI tools promise an easy drag-and-drop experience. Unfortunately, this can lead to a disappointing experience when seeing the result. Just putting numbers and graphs on a canvas seems not to be good enough to use the results to create insights and take action.