Speaking @ Global Power BI Summit

Speaking at Global Power BI Summit about Storytelling & Power BI

February 2024 I presented my session “Storytelling & Power BI – Creating Power BI reports that connect with different audiences at the Global Power BI Summit.

Speaking @Data Community Austria

Photo of Valerie Junk speaking at Data Community Austria

January 2024 I presented my session “From data to action: Driving decision-making with Power BI” at Data Community Austria in Vienna.

Speaking @ Data Bash (online)

Data Bash Power BI & Storytelling Valerie Junk

November 2023 I presented my session “Storytelling & Power BI – Creating Power BI reports that connect with different audiences at Data Bash.

Speaking @ Budapest BI Forum

Budapest BI Forum PoruBI Valerie Junk

In November 2023, I presented my session “Paint it black: Rocking Dark Mode Dashboards” at the Budapest BI Forum.

The Budapest BI Forum is a vendor-independent business intelligence and analytics conference in Hungary.

Speaking @ PASS RG Münsterland

Power BI Thinking outside the box presentation Valerie Junk

In October 2023, I presented my “Power BI Design – Thinking outside the box” session at the RG Münsterland in Germany.

Speaking @ DataMinds Connect

DataMinds Connect Valerie Junk Visualizing Data for Non Data Experts

I presented my session “Visualizing Data for Non-data Experts – making reports accessible to all” at DataMinds Connect in Mechelen, Belgium.

Speaking @ Data Moshpit Berlin

Data Moshpit 2023 Berlin Valerie Junk Dark Mode Dashboard Design

I presented my session on designing Dark Mode dashboards in Power BI at the Data Moshpit conference in Berlin in September 2023.

Speaking @ SQL Konferenz Hanau

SQL Konferenz 2023 Storytelling in Power BI

I spoke at the SQL Konferenz in Hanau in september. My session Storytelling & Power BI will cover different examples, techniques, and best practices on how to design dashboards for different audiences.

Speaking @ Data Saturday Croatia

Data Staurday Croatia Valerie Junk

Data Saturday Croatia 2023 is a free one-day event for professionals who use the Microsoft data platform.
I present my session Dashboard Design – the Icing on the cake.