Power BI Makeover – A three step process

Power BI Makeover Business Update Sales

By creating a Power BI dashboard that is free of clutter, audience comprehension is greatly improved. Providing more relevant information can significantly enhance the understanding of visual data.

Burndown Chart in Power BI – Visualizing Project Progress

Power BI Burndown Chart Valerie Junk

A burndown chart is a data visualization that can benefit project managers, BI/IT teams, and stakeholders. It shows hours spent, planned, and remaining hours (the line in the visual), giving you immediate insight into whether the project is on track, delayed, or at risk of exceeding the budget.

Power BI Resume Design

Power BI Resume Dashboard Design Valerie Junk

Download examples of a Power BI and PowerPoint resume for free. You can use them any way you want!

In the past, I’ve created my resume in PowerPoint and saved it as a pdf.
Recently I saw a data challenge asking for a resume dashboard, which I saw as a chance to incorporate some #powerbi visualizations into my resume.
I’ve saved my PowerPoint design as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and imported it as background in Power BI. Then I added the text and visualizations in Power BI (you could also import the text via the SVG if you want to and use Power BI only for the visualization).

Networkdays in Power BI


A few months ago Microsoft introduced the new NETWORKDAYS DAX functions. This function is really helpful to calculate working days excluding the weekend (which you can choose yourself since not everyone has weekends on Saturday and Sunday).

Information Button in Power BI

Information Button Power BI Tooltip

When creating a dashboard you may want to provide extra information for visualizations (for example when the definition of measurements is specific). Instead of putting additional text on your dashboard, you can also use a button, image, or shape. When the user hovers over it the explanation can be shown as text. This way you can provide further information without too many extra steps.

Top & Botttom 3 in Power BI

Top & Bottom 3 Power BI

Recently I participated in a data visualization challenge where I used one bar chart in Power BI to visualize as well the top 3 and bottom 3 products in a table.
Here you can find the steps I took to get the chart!