From Raw Data to Sharp Insights.

Transforming data into actionable insights using Power BI data visualization and storytelling.

At PorcuBI, I focus on transforming decision-making with data-driven insights. I provide guidance on developing data-driven strategies, creating interactive Power BI dashboards, and using storytelling to communicate insights.

PorcuBI Valerie Junk Lead BI Consultant

Strategic BI Consultancy

Clear goals and transparent communication.

Data Visualization

Designing and developing action-oriented dashboards.

BI Standardization

Power BI best-practices and a way-of-working.


Data strategy and data visualization oriented.

Power BI Dashboard Design PorcuBI

From vision to design​.

With my expertise in data analytics and data visualization, I support companies in developing effective data-driven strategies that yield results and take the business to the next level.


Latest Blog Posts

Dashboard Development Canvas

Dashboard Development Canvas

Designing a dashboard can seem overwhelming with all the factors you need to think about. But don't worry! You can tackle this in a clear, ...
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Picture with a screen on it with 2 Power BI reports. One not accessible and the other accessible.

Improving accessibility in Power BI​

Improving accessibility for Power BI reports is important, and Power BI offers a lot of built-in functionality to make reports more accessible. Some of this ...
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Data-Driven Insights with Power BI - Take action with Powe BI

Creating data-driven insights with Power BI

While Power BI reports can offer a wealth of information, users often struggle to navigate through complex visuals and filters to find the answers they ...
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Storytelling and Power BI

Storytelling and Power BI – 3 steps to take

Prevent Dashboard Delivery Disappointment - Storytelling in Power BI can help you to create engaging and easy-to-understand reports that enable users to take the next ...
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Power BI Dashboards Dark Mode Design

Power BI Dashboards Dark Mode Design

Designing Power BI reports can be challenging, especially if you want to break away from the traditional white background and standard color scheme. A guide ...
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Google Analytics Data in Power BI - Analyze your websites data

Google Analytics Dashboard in Power BI

All your data in one place! Use Power BI to analyze your Google Analytics data and have it available next to the rest of your ...
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Power BI Burndown Chart Valerie Junk

Burndown Chart in Power BI – Visualizing Project Progress

A burndown chart is a data visualization that can benefit project managers, BI/IT teams, and stakeholders. It shows hours spent, planned, and remaining hours (the ...
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Hitting The Bullseye Target Visualization Strategies In Power BI

Hitting the bullseye: Target visualization Strategy in Power BI

Setting targets helps us measure progress and stay motivated towards a goal, whether it's personal or business-related. Positive results motivate us while falling behind highlights ...
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